Conviviality, diversity, inclusion, open-mindedness. These are the core values of the Brussels Gay Sports and the values which mould and define our mission: personal fulfilment and social integration of the LGBTQI community through sport and leisure, all conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect and harmony.

BGS provides its members with the opportunity to practice sport and other activities in a welcoming and friendly setting, where the pleasure of being together, of sharing and meeting each other takes precedence over the competitive and sometimes exclusive nature of sport. BGS is open to everyone and is able to present a different image of the LGBTQI community in the sporting domain where there is still a need for greater recognition and diversity.

Check out what we offer and come and join us. You are always welcome!

Latest news

Massage Workshop – July 4th-8th

Have you long been interested in BGS’s massage group, but unable to take part because you’re otherwise engaged Thursday evenings? Well now is your chance to take in an introductory workshop lasting twelve hours in total, spread over several evenings in a row.

Quickly click < here > to see the full schedule and get all the info on the workshop.

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