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About BGS...

Brussels Gay Sports, or BGS, started in 1991 as a group of friends who played volleyball. Since then it has grown and it is now an association of more than 750 members.

Badminton, body conditioning, ballroom dancing, futsal, hiking & biking, running, swimming, tennis, volleyball, yoga and water polo. Those are the sports BGS has on offer. But the BGS also have a choir and since September 2013 the BGS has a new activity : a massage course.

The success of our organisation can be measured by the hundreds of people who participate in one or more of our weekly activities around Brussels in a welcoming and tolerant atmosphere.

BGS also promotes sport by organizing and participating in various competitions and large-scale events: 

  • Brussels Games: every second weekend of September, BGS organizes its annual multi-sports tournament (around 550 people, both male and female, take part of it).
  • Swim for Life: this annual sponsored swimming marathon takes place the last Sunday of November. The purpose of this event is to raise funds for various HIV/AIDS related causes which are selected each year by a Committee. Since the beginning, almost € 500,000 has been raised and distributed to a few selected charities.
  • National competitions: our volleyball teams participate in the competitions organized by the Brabant AIF. and our swimmers go to the Belgian Master Championship.
  • International competitions: BGS participates in various tournaments organized by other gay & lesbian sport clubs in Europe or elsewhere in the world, as well as the EuroGames, the Gay Games or the World Outgames. In fact, during the last Outgames (in 2013 in Antwerp), BGS won no less than 56 medals!

The big advantage of these tournaments is that everyone can play at their own level. Each discipline offers several different levels in which people can enter thereby assuring that everyone has fun. The key word being fun! Fun discovering a new town and the people who offer us accommodation, fun spending time with our fellow BGS members and playing sport at our own level.

BGS is also a member of the European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation (EGLSF), of the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA) and of the Brussels Rainbow House.

You are all welcome to join BGS! We look forward to meeting you during one of our many activities.

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The members of the Board:
Damien Frébutte
Damien Frébutte


Frank Schoenmakers
Frank Schoenmakers


Jihan Imago
Jihan Imago

Vice President

Juan Antonio Garcia
Juan Antonio Garcia


Michel Desbois
Michel Desbois


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