Annual Membership Fee


Your first participation in any of our sports activity is always FREE.

It is very simple to become a BGS member, all you need to do is pay the annual membership fee, which includes:

  • all administrative costs
  • a full cover insurance in case of accident
  • the right to take part in our annual General Assembly
  • the newsletter
  • special prices and discounts for almost all BGS social activities (annual barbecue, parties, etc.)


The membership fee is €20 from September until August (or €10 from May).


If you are already a member, you can renew your subscription here.




You can find the price of the subscription on the page of the activity.

The annual membership fee is not included in the price cited on the page.

The annual subscription will only be reimbursed on presentation of a long-term medical certificate or an unforeseen international relocation and the reimbursement will be pro rata to the remainder of the year.

There are reductions available when the member purchases several subscriptions for the same season.

The concept is easy:

  • 1st activity: full price from September, January or May.
  • 2nd activity: a reduction of 50 € in September, 30 € in January and 10 € in May.
  • As from the 3rd activity: a reduction of 70 € in January, 50 € in January and 30 € in May.


For example, if somebody purchases a body condition subscription in January and they already have a subscription for a different activity, it’s easy, we will apply a reduction of 30 €.


Buy your ticket on-line here.

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