Conviviality, diversity, inclusion, open-mindedness. These are the core values of the Brussels Gay Sports and the values which mould and define our mission: personal fulfilment and social integration of the LGBT+ community through sport, cultural and leisure activities, all conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect and harmony.

BGS provides its members with the opportunity to practice sport and other activities in a welcoming and friendly setting, where the pleasure of being together, of sharing and meeting each other takes precedence over the competitive and sometimes exclusive nature of sport. BGS is open to everyone and is able to present a different image of the LGBT+ community in the sporting domain where there is still a need for greater recognition and diversity.

Check out what we offer and come and join us. You are always welcome!

The new BGS season begins now!

Dear Members,
Dear Alumni,
Dear Friends,

Since last March, our lives have been turned upside down. We have had to adapt quickly and repeatedly to ever changing health regulations. And we are all trying to get used to new ways to live together as a society.

At BGS, our activities have also been affected. Some have been suspended, others were adapted using online video, and still others have gone outdoors, where possible.

And yet, the new BGS season is upon us!

Your Activity Coordinator is in constant contact with the BGS Board. We have worked with facility providers to ensure that activities can resume in optimal health and safety conditions in line with requirements defined by the Belgian National Security Council. In some instances, we have even been able to find larger facilities in order to provide everyone with enough space and proper ventilation.

Your Activity Coordinators look forward to seeing you!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your Activity Coordinator. You can find their email addresses and information on the new season on the page dedicated to each activity on this website.

The only thing missing now is you!

You can enrol now for the new season here:
If you have difficulties logging on or wish to change your password, you can request help here:

BGS needs you to return!

BGS is committed to providing you a warm, welcoming and safe environment where you and your friends can meet up. You can count on us!

See you very soon!

The BGS Board
Damien, Isabelle, Karim, Kris, Michaël and Michel

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