Conviviality, diversity, inclusion, open-mindedness. These are the core values of the Brussels Gay Sports and the values which mould and define our mission: personal fulfilment and social integration of the LGBTQI+ community through sport, cultural and leisure activities, all conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect and harmony.

BGS provides its members with the opportunity to practice sport and other activities in a welcoming and friendly setting, where the pleasure of being together, of sharing and meeting each other takes precedence over the competitive and sometimes exclusive nature of sport. BGS is open to everyone and is able to present a different image of the LGBTQI+ community in the sporting domain where there is still a need for greater recognition and diversity.

Check out what we offer and come and join us. You are always welcome!

Upcoming events

Would you like to take self-defence classes? BGS will be offering Krav Maga courses this Autumn!

Krav Maga

Have you ever been threatened or insulted on the street? Has someone stolen your mobile phone or wallet at knifepoint? Or perhaps you would like to learn how to respond if such things occur. If so, then Krav Maga is definitely for you.

Krav Maga is a form of contact combat that includes techniques to defend yourself against one or several assailants, and respond to a wide variety of assaults; ranging from hand-to-hand combat to armed assault and brutal attacks. You will also learn how to disarm an assailant and defend yourself against attacks using various objects. Krav Maga teaches many ways to defend yourself with your bare hands as well as advanced techniques using simple weapons.



Starting in September, BGS will provide access to training sessions organised by the KMB Association <>, which provides group classes to all-male groups, all-female groups, and gender-neutral mixed groups.

There will be two basic packages:

  • Discovery Package: free once a month for BGS members, from September to December, for a maximum of four free classes.
  • Initiation Package: for the more committed BGS members, joining group classes once, twice or three times a week.

Important: which ever package you choose, as a BGS member, you will be covered against liability or bodily harm by KMB’s sports insurance policy.

No prior experience is required to take part. Nor do you need to be in top physical condition. It is important to wear clean, comfortable shoes to train on the tatami mat.

If the activity proves to be a success, depending on the number of BGS members choosing the Discovery or Initiation Packages, we may launch Krav Maga as a full-fledged “powered by BGS” activity as of January 2022..


Practical Information

➢ Registration:

Sign-up for classes on the KMB Association website <>

➢ Rates:

  • Discovery Package: 4 free sessions including liability and bodily harm insurance coverage.
  • Initiation Package: registration for full membership or a ten-class card <> with annual dues of 50€ to be paid to KMB (including insurance, licence fees and the Association’s t-shirt).

➢ Location:

Roi Baudoin Stadium
Building T3, Moving room
Avenue des Athlètes 3-5
1020 Laeken

Metro line 6: stop Heysel
Free parking in front of the room

➢ BGS contact point with the KMB Association:


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